Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Interesting Stuff on Radio - Business Station

I heard this over the radio today as I was driving, I like the business station.The rest I added on my own. Other suggestions welcome.

SomeTips to Motivate Others

1. Listen to Understand, not listen to answer even before the person has finished speaking.
2. Emphatise with the person, try to see it from his perspective, not just our own.
3. Be cheerful and smile. Do not fake it. People will know the difference.
4. Acknowledge and validate achievements.
5. Be cheerful and compliment sincerely - do not be stingy or shy with compliments.
Compliments are free of charge. The returns are enormous when people realise you are sincere .
6. Some people may not be working for more financial rewards, they want self autonomy.
They may perform better if they are allowed to clock in at flexible hours, or work from home.
7. Try not to bring your personal problems to work and vice versa.
8. Be nice to people all the time, not only when you need them to do something for you.
9. Up grade yourself constantly and be willing to share ideas and skills.
10.Respect your staff, colleagues and junior staff - you will only get what you give.

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