Saturday, March 12, 2011

'The Beauty of Covering Up' - page 10

Do We Remember to Always Thank Allah SWT?

Do we remember to always thank Allah SWT fo the air that we breathe, and the rain to water our crops, to cleanse the land and quench our thirst? How grateful are we for the gifts of sight, of hearing, speech and mobility? Allah SWT gives immeasurable blessings and He has also sent us some laws. Everything from Allah SWT is for our benefit. Do we have the right to pick and choose what we like and discard the rest? Are we wiser and more knowledgeable than our Almighty Creator?

Sincerely Acknowledge His Wisdom

Since we are not even anywhere near perfect, it is important to sincerely acknowledge His Wisdom and Majesty. We may not be observing all the rules properly due to our individual weaknesses or lack of knowledge. However, we can always try to keep on striving to improve, one day at a time until we reach the next level.

Is it Right to Treat Allah SWT's Command as Trivial?
What Does Allah SWT Want From Us?

Is it right to treat Allah SWT's command as trivial? How about asking ourselves what does Allah want from us?

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