Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Giving Up Preloved Clothes and Belongings

Give More, Get More

Sometimes we can be so very sentimental! I do try to clear my belongings occasionally whenever I have some new additions to my wardrobe. One of my teachers once told us if we had not worn certain clothings for 2 whole years, it means we did not really miss or need them. As such, it is better to give them away to our friends. Surely that is better than hoarding them for years!

I do believe we will always get more rezeki from The Almighty if we are willing to give more. Give with an open heart and give frequently.

Nice to see our belongings
are of benefit to others

Its nice to see others enjoying clothes that we used to love. We have to give clothes that still look new and in good condition - not too tatty and grubby. Sometimes we are reluctant to give our really beloved clothes and belongings to people who obviously need a helping hand.

Not everyone wants hand outs

We presume they would really like to have some nice stuff in their wardrobe but lets face reality. Some of them they do not care very much for our beloved clothes and they use them as rags! Or they are so sick of people giving them their used clothes. That's a bit sad - that's why sometimes we just bundle them up, close our eyes and tip the whole lot into a charity box. Less painful. Or am I being unrealistic as it already belongs to them now

Retro Aunt

My aunt had a great wardrobe of beautiful clothes and she had so much lovely costume jewellery to match her outfits. She never put on weight and could still wear all her clothes and they looked fresh and new - but outdated! Now its retro!

Losing both my uncle and aunt within a few months

When she passed away suddenly, I do not know what happened to all her belongings. Relatives on her side simply took over and I did felt left out. Maybe they did not want to trouble me and maybe its because we seldom met through the years. I did feel a bit sad as they took everything that belonged to my family.

Many things belonged to my uncle but he had passed away a few months earlier, both having succumbed to cancer. I do not want to be too attached to worldly belongings. But I still remember their really great wooden retro curved sofa set, her antique furniture and lots of clothes and belonging that my aunt 'borrowed' from my grandparents's family home. Just things I grew up with - sentmental me.

I overheard one of her nephews mention that they would send the unwanted stuff to the Salvation Army. I was sad, we were not offered a single momento and that was the last time I saw them.

All the beautiful things that my aunt carefully and lovingly kept spick and span, decorated lovingly - everything disappeared overnight!

Worldly things mean nothing when we go

Just a strong and stark reminder that everything means nothing when we leave this worldly life. All we can bring with us would be our amal (good deeds) and our amal jariah (continuous good deeds that remain).

Nothing matters anymore when we go.

What matters is where we would end up. May Allah SWT have mercy on us all.

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