Friday, March 11, 2011

Responsibility and Pride as a Designer

Being rich and successful does not mean true success

Being a rich or successful garment designer does not mean achieving true success. Sure, that's the common indicator of one's success in his or her work. It means much more. Being famous does not mean a Muslim is producing work that pleases Allah.

Beautiful ways to cover revealing clothes

Did we design some beautiful coveralls and capes, scarves to help our clients dress modestly? Do we care only for their money and not help them be beautiful modest women?

Responsibility and Influence

If we do something haram (forbidden) to please the people and in the end help them to displease Allah, where do we stand? Will our profits be blessed or will money become our god? Designers have great responsibility and they can influence people in a good or bad way.

Some Muslim designers do not relate religion to their work

Some Muslim designers separate religion from their work. They forget religion means a complete way of life. It cannot be separated. Some of them add lots of dazzling embellishment, shape the body, plunge the neckline and raise the opening at the back of the skirt. Life is not a fashion show.

Use your wisdom

Many designers think their clothes have to be attractive and trend setting. They sometimes forget to ask themselves whether such trends are Islamic or not.

Their guidelines are from Milan, Paris, New York not from Al Quran and sunnah of the Prophet saw. Nothing wrong with following trends but be wise and be knowledgeable - help our clients dress well according to our religion and not someone else's.

Be proud to be Muslim

Be proud to be Muslim. Be proud to create your own identity and help our clients and friends become ambassadors of Islam. Do not give the impression that we do not respect or love our own religion. Unity is strength and we need to work together to create a new platform to promote proper Islamic dressing.

Encourage and support each other

Let us encourage each other to be sincere and courageous to be the ones to initiate change in our society. Many people just follow, be careful where we lead them.

Do we have our own values?

We have to ask ourselves - do we have our own values or do we design and create clothes that imitate others? What are our own values? Are we afraid that we cannot compete with the rest of the world if we design real Islamic wear? Do we agree that majority of Muslim designers have little interest to design or sell clothes that observe Islamic guidelines faithfully?

Do not be apologetic - take pride in your work

So where are we going ? Muslim designerss have to change their mindset and be confident to maintain their Muslim identity. We can design beautiful clothes and if they are revealing, we need to advise our clients how to dress to cover appropriately in public. Instill pride and do not be apologetic.

Let us work together and make a community

Let us work together and pool our resources. Help each other, the young and the old, the new and the experienced. Work together with everyone , whether Muslim or not. Follow true Islamic spirit of sharing and helping. Together we can inject new ideas and new life into the industry.

Do not be jealous or envious
Allah SWT decides our portion of rezeki

There is no need to be jealous or envious when others are more successful. It is a motivation to try to do better work, to strive harder and to challenge ourselves. Allah decides our portion of rezeki so there is no need to be unhappy when others are more successful and wealthy. Be proud and happy for them and carry on to do your best.

Some designers who are not yet Muslim are already very successful in designing true Islamic wear. Isn't it a shame? To be left behind? If they can make the effort to come up with beautiful and quality creations, they deserve the success and recognition.

Be a leader, not a follower

Be trend setters, not followers. Do not wait for ideas to come from Indonesia or Milan. All designers, insha Allah can produce great work with the correct intention (niyyah) and attitude.

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