Thursday, March 17, 2011

Let us pray for a safer world

The power of prayer and supplication

Do not underestimate the power of prayer and supplication! Allah SWT knows what is in our hearts. With so many calamities around us, we are going to pray a lot - for our own families and friends and for our neighbours . We have to not only pray hard but work hard to make this a better world.

Everyone and everything affected

A lot of work to be done, especially with the back to back disasters and loss of lives especially in Japan. Now the oceans, rivers and lakes, farms and parks are polluted badly. The fish, the seaweed, marine life and inhabitants are suffering. The seas are crying!

Be careful what you consume

Well, at least no more cruel and greedy hunting for the stubborn big time whalers. There will be no business for them for a long time. All food will have to go through radiation tests soon. Sushi anyone? Guess we have to use our discretion when it comes to certain food and products.

Power of Water

I feel sad to think of how people are suffering in the cold, some areas maybe be running out of supplies. It does not take an external enemy to disrupt a highly developed nation. Just power of water sent by the Almighty as a reminder and wake up call for us and the people of the world.

Help. Even in a small way

Life goes on and while we are busy living life and working as usual to fulfill our daily commitments. Let us get real and remember our fellowmen who are still reeling and suffering this tragedy. Let us find ways to help them, even if it is in a small way.

Food for thought

We may not have nuclear reactors but looks like the country may be heading that way. May Allah SWT protect us all. Even a developed and sophisticated nation like Japan cannot deal effectively in this situation. Are we absolutely sure we can do better? Decisions that affect life, health and safety are very tough. People who push for nuclear energy have to be absolutely honest with themselves and be sincere. Their decisions can literally kill - even their own families will be affected. Food for thought.

Make dawah to help others spiritually

Perhaps we can contact Muslim ngos which may have their own networks to reach out to those in need. It is a good time to let people know Muslims are kind and generous and are willing to share their wealth with people in difficulties. Make dawah by way of good deeds - that is sending spiritual help. May Allah SWT accept your good deeds and mine.

So very helpless, small and insignificant

I feel very helpless, small and insignificant in the face of these tests from Allah SWT. Some people will say natural disasters! Well, some disasters actually occurred as a result of our own doing. Did we learn anything?

Who holds up the mountains?

Let them think about it - who created the world and how are the mountains joined at the bottom of the sea? How are the clouds and sky held up like a canopy above us and how do birds fly? Allah SWT simply sent us a small sample of the day of reckoning but we do not know if people want to get the message.

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