Monday, March 14, 2011

Let us Stop for a Minute!

Let us slow down a litle and reflect upon our own deeds. How can we make this world a better place? How to make it safer for our children and future generations?

Who takes care of the environment? Do we just leave it to the authorities to clean the roads, rivers, streams and gardens? Have we planted any trees lately?

How to minimise side effects?

With the possible nuclear fallout, toxins and diseases may be spread across the continents. What precautions can we take to minimise the side effects? Will acid rain pollute our water, our earth and our bodies?

Stay away from the rain

Try not to get caught in the rain these few days especially - it may be highly toxic. Wear some protective clothing and cover adequately. (I suddenly thought of another benefit when Muslima cover themselves - it is good protection indeed ).

Cleanse yourselves

It is good to take a full shower, wash our hair and our clothes should the air reaches toxic levels. Acid rain may burn our skin or even cause cancer later on. Guess we should make that a habit since we do not know when the poisons will reach our part of the world.

Life cannot go on as usual

Life cannot go on as usual. How do we become proactive?What can we do as citizens of the world, to share ways to protect ourselves and our environment?

Try to get more knowledge before
making a plan

On my part I shall spend some time trying to do some research to learn more. Will every one of us do something positive? Are we willing to make the effort?

Work together to make a difference!

When we do it individually it is good. But when we do it together insha Allah we can make a big difference. Muslims especially have a great responsibility take care of our environment and the flora and fauna.

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