Saturday, May 14, 2011

Nasi Lemak Kopi O TV9

Alhamdulillah! Many thanks to TV9 team for the great interview and air time. It was a very pleasant surprise to find so many people contacting me via FB after watching the program.

Thanks to TV9 Viewers

Thanks to all well wishers who wrote in to support my effort and offer words of encouragement.
I also received quite a number of book orders which I will despatch my by Pos Laju. Courier for overseas orders.

Helping Others to Earn a Little Extra Income

Some schools and invidividuals are also helping me distribute the books. I share a little profit with them. Since the introductory price of RM50 is not much I sometimes only take back my cost. They help me without expecting too much, with a good intention to share the beauty of
covering up with their friends. May Allah SWT accept their good deeds.

Friendly Helpers

Other friends have requested to help me sell my books and some even refused to accept any payment for their hard work of carrying the heavy books all over the place. From last October to May 2011 I had been selling the books at an introductory price of only RM50 excluding postage.

I am very touched by offers by people I hardly know - after reading the book they offer to help me sell my books, using their own time and energy. Another sister even personally approached several shops to sell my books. She managed to sell 30 books within 2 weeks. By helping me she helped me channel part of the takings to help another sister who needed some income.

May Allah SWT reward and bless all of them for their generosity and kindness. May they also obtain the extra rewards when readers change their lives to accept and respect the hijab.

Wonderful Feeling to Cover for Allah

Wearing a headcover and clothes that cover modestly is a wonderful feeling. It only comes when we decide to obey Allah SWT wholeheartedly in that matter.

Not Easy for Change Overnight

Its not easy to make a change but what matters is the sincere intention and the humble and continuous effort to fulfil our obligations. Everything we do eventually benefits us, if not in this life, then in the Hereafter.

Good Things do not come Easy

Good things do not come easy and there can be many distractions and temptations along the way. Somedays we win and some days we lose. When we fall, we must be strong to bounce up again, ready to try again and again.

Muslims must start to make time to write and share

It is my intention to keep on writing and documenting so the future generation can benefit from our effort. I urge Muslims to make time to write about things that matter, ideas and experiences that can help society. We learn so much from other communities. Why are we not giving back?


  1. My mum was so excited when she saw the interview at TV9 :) We were wondering too where can we get your fine beautifully designed clothes and scarves? Looking forward to it - we're more than happy to support you :)

  2. Thanks dear sis. I will try to arrange a day for few friends to come for private viewing. Its by appointment so there is privacy and leisure in viewing the clothes. New stocks just arrived so I need some time to sort that out. Maybye in July.

    Have to go buy more hangers for clothes and scarves. We make our own scarves so they are exclusive, not mass produced.