Monday, May 16, 2011

The Difference between Giving and Taking

Its Allright toTake , Better to Give

Through the years we had been benefitting from the generosity of others - parents, family, friends, peers, employers, managers, writers, leaders etc. Yes, we had been taking from many people through out our lives.

Giving Back

How about giving back? It doesn't mean only financial help or assistance. Some of us may not have that much to spare. However, we can't just say "Oh, I'm not that rich - I cannot help others improve their lives".

We Can! If We Want To!

Its best to give back on a daily basis, in whatever small way we can. Even helping your family is giving back. Giving should be a life long process, not just every now and then, when we feel like it.

It gets Easier with Time!

Give back by caring for others, sharing and giving some moral support. Give advice and your time. Help others to grow, especially in training others to become better at their careers and jobs. Nothing is too small.

Smile! Be Cheerful and Kind

That seems such an easy thing to do, isn't it? Well, not to everyone. Some are just shy and are not comfortable around strangers and people they do not know well. However there are some people do not know how to share. They are not interested to know how others, especially their subordinates feel. Let's not wait for Allah SWT to give us a lesson on manners!

Be Genuinely Concerned

Talk to people, show appreciation to all, including juniors and people who seem lowly to you. Everyone has some goodness and special qualities. They may be so called nobodies but they are a necessary part of the company and part of society.

Respect the Poor and Downtrodden

Its good to be humble. Do not forget the power of the duaa (supplications) of the weak and oppressed. When they ask Allah SWT for blessings for us, their chances of being answered are much higher, insha Allah.

Be Ready to Change

If we are lacking in some ways, its good to reflect on our own attitudes and past behaviour. Is it so hard to make some small changes? We are in constant change.

I remind myself to change even if I cannot make some people change. Yes, be an agent of change. The first step starts with ourselves. No one is perfect so its aright to admit our weaknesses. We are lying to ourselves if we think we do not need to improve. Always room for improvement.

Be Sincere and Natural

Do it naturally and sincerely. You will be amazed that others too will change when you change your attitude towards them.

Everyone is a leader so let us lead with a good intention and ask for Allah's help and guidance to improve ourselves and others. All for His sake.

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