Friday, May 6, 2011

Crazy People on the Road

High Speed Chase

Last week I was involved in a car accident. Saw three cars chasing and trying to overtake each other along MRR2. They were weaving very fast through the heavy traffic, changing from lane to lane, trying to overtake each other.

We can only do so much...

I was in the fast lane minding my own business. Well as much as I could as no driver could drive alone without being aware of what is happening around him or her. We may be careful but not everyone would care about the welfare of other road users.

Life in the fast lane

It was no point in changing lanes as everyone were going quite fast and there was no way to avoid the cars. Its easy enough to stay clear of the fast lane if there were only one mad driver but 3?

Anyway, one of the drivers swerved into the fast lane again, really FAST! All the drivers in front of my car pressed their brakes as quickly as possible. I was anticipating this to happen and managed to keep a fairly safe distance. It was really not possible to slow down as the cars behind me as the momentum was too great.

I kept my foot on the brakes, levelling as hard as possible. Whew! just in time! Stopped really close to the car in front. What a relief!

Bang! What an impact!

Bang! My joy was short lived! A young guy who was probably driving too close and too fast hit the back of my car. I was really irritated by this unnecessary accident. Before I could even get release my seat belt, Another Bang! A second car hit me, by sheer volition as it hit the back of the car behind me. Double impact! Bummer!

An accident waiting to happen!

I got down and saw that my car bumper had broken from its fragile hinge. It hadn't fallen off yet but anything could happen if I started driving. I looked at the car behind me. It could have been a much longer car but I couldn't even figure out the make of the car.

Feeling sorry for the one who hit my car

It was squashed from the front and also from the back. Kind of compacted and mashed in. The 3rd car was equally bad. When I saw the young man's frustration, I felt sorry for him. He was mad at the man who hit him from the back but he expected me to sympathise with him though he hit my car!

Storm Brewing

I did not want to hang around too long as I could sense a storm brewing between the 2 drivers and I was late for work. I told myself I was grateful to be unhurt and only my car bumper needed to be replaced. I do not know how much it would cost as even a small spare part could cost a few hundred ringgit. What more a large bumper!

Local cars are not all that bad!

I am on the other hand quite surprised that my local car was tough enough to withstand the impact of 2 speeding cars on the highway! Alhamdulillah! Its easier to pay for a broken bumper than to replace a broken arm or neck. Where would I go for such special spare parts?

Deliberate Act?

I suspect the 3 drivers could have deliberately caused the accident. A man appeared suddenly and parked his car in front of mine. He actually blocked my path. He asked if I was alright and whether my car had any problems. I said none.


He then turned his attention to the next driver and started a conversation. I think that man could well be an accomplice. He seemed so at ease and used to such accidents.

I did not want to hang around long enough to find out what would happen next. I did not even want to make a claim as it would waste a lot of time, going to the police station, waiting to make a report, parking the car at some distance and walking all over the place to get things sorted out. Not to mention trying to contact the insurance company and then losing the NCB.

Not worth the trouble

Just not worth the time unless its a major accident. You may find yourself stuck for a whole day and that would be even more costly, not mentioning the stress and stress!

Discipline and Patience

We have to be careful on the road and its better to be slow and steady than be caught in the fast lane with crazy drivers. Driving more slowly and carefully needs discipline and patience so those who can do it are really mature and wise. Of course its really difficult to drive slowly as we always seem to be in a great hurry.

May Allah SWT keep us safe on the road. And may we be safe drivers so others can be safe too.

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