Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Enjoy your life

What's the difference?

Good and Bad Days. Not every day is a good day. We are already thankful that nothing disastrous happened. That would be a bad day. So other days can be considered good actually. Make sense?

Some ways to enjoy one's life

To enjoy one's life does not mean to be happy everyday and to feel great most times. It doesn't work that way. Little acts of kindness and sacrifice, signs of goodness, beauty and calmness add towards the enjoyment of the moment.

Look for the better moments

Every moment adds up to be seconds, minutes and hours in a day. Look for for the better moments and hold it tight within your grasp, close to your heart. What we have in our hand may just be gone in the blink of an eye.

We do not own anything

Just like catching a snowflake, slurping an iceball or watching the changing colours of sunset. Everything is moving towards its own destiny. Every one of us is moving towards our final destination.

Even tyrants must submit to the will of Allah

It does not matter whether you are a believer or someone who does not even believe in the existence of Allah Almighty. Even people who do not believe in god will still have to kneel and submit to the Allah's laws of creation and death.

All things must pass

So no matter where we are, no matter if we are having a good time or experiencing great sorrow, all things must pass. All oppression and hardship must end one day, just as great moments of joy may suddenly be replaced by disappointment and anguish.

Fleeting time

Nothing can remain the same except by the will of Allah SWT. Our time here is fleeting and we are created for a purpose. Are we going to feel burdened and heavy with the responsibilities of serving Allah? We can change that attitude and learn to feel exhilaration and energy in serving Him.

Purpose of life

How do we fulfil our purpose of life? Allah is all Merciful and Wise. He never gives us a burden more than we can bear. He knows our individual capability and He sends help so often to keep us going. He comforts when we are down and heals us when we are ill.

Free air, water, oxygen

In order to be grateful for all His blessings, we need to acknowledge and appreciate all the blessings He has showered upon us. Free air, water, oxygen. Trees that absorb the carbon in the air and gives us oxygen in return. Fresh and healthy food from the land, mountains and ocean. Our ability to rationalise, to be creative and to love.

Live with energy and purpose

Allah has given us all the ingredients that promotes our well being and survival. Despite wars, terror and opression we must not allow ourselves to be overly depressed and stressed. If we want change then let us be the one to start first. Take up the challenge and live your life with energy and purpose.

Enjoy what you do

Muslims can only do their best, keep on improving their efforts and knowledge. Enjoy what we have to do since we still have to do it anyway. Truly acknowledge the bounties of our Creator. What is destined to happen will happen anyway. Just tie up our camel and learn to enjoy whatever blessings that come our way, it doesn't matter whether they are big or small.

Do not be negative

Make up our minds to enjoy our lives and not just exist day to day, expecting the worst to happen. If we keep on thinking about it and talking about it, the picture becomes larger than life. In the end some incidents actually happened because we kept dwelling on it and subconsciously allow it to happen.

Have courage and trust

In other words, face our future with courage, with trust in Allah's Mercy. Fulfil our worldly and spiritual responsibilities and have positive attitude . Ask Allah for help and depend on him only.

No one can help us

Do not for a minute think so and so, a mere creation of Allah can help us without Allah's permission. Do not think we benefitted because we believed so and so was the only one who could help us. We may forget and carelessly assume someone has the same kind of power as Allah. Its something like placing this person on the same level as Allah. We may not have meant it that way but that's what we had done.

Accept setbacks with wisdom

When we face setbacks in life, accept them with wisdom and learn from that experience. Its better to accept the changing situation and down size until things improve. There is no shame or embarassement when we sell our extra car, or move to a smaller home. Be proud that you do not need to borrow from banks or relatives. Being poor or less wealthy is not a crime or a sin.

Owing people money or making promises we cannot keep is much worse because we harm other people. We should not take away the right of others or abuse kindness of others.

We can still enjoy our lives on a lower budget when we keep working to improve our situation. Work, tawakkal and turn to Allah for help. Allah decides the end result.

Poor people have less worries

Not all poor people are miserable, they can be happier than their wealthy cousins because they appreciate every little blessing. Filthy rich people may enjoy lots of worldly belongings but we do not know whether they can even sleep well at night. They too may be worried about tomorrow; they have much to lose compared to ordinary people.

Acknowledge and enjoy all the blessings of Allah

Yes, acknowledge and enjoy all the blessings of Allah. Live your life well. We do not know when our fellow men will destroy more parts of our beautiful world and universe.There is already a lot of injustice and destruction of the environment even right now. How many hundreds of years will it take for the trees to stand tall again? These are things even the wealthy cannot guarantee for their younger generation.

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