Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Moving House ? Not Again!

Fear of Moving but Move, I will

No body likes to move house. Why? Its too much work and expensive to hire lorries and people to help with the packing and unpacking. We cannot do it alone and it is cheaper for us to pay someone to do the menial and repetitive tasks of cleaning, wrapping, packing, stacking etc The downside is somethings may be broken as people may not be sentimental about our old and treasured momentos and prized purchases.

Do not be attached to Duniya

I learnt not to love the worldly goods too much though they do add some value and culture to our otherwise mundane life. Many times the helpers have broken some prized momento and casually tossed them into the garden or the bin, without a single apology. To them its all junk and perhaps it is. Expensive junk. :)

New way of looking at life

A new home and new location gives an entirely new perspective to things and we get out of the comfort zone (which I think is more appropriately called the rut) to look at life in a different way. We also get to love or hate our new situation and learn patience and humility when we realise we have not much choice but to tolerate and accept the inevitable.

Testing every day, every way

With every decision comes some consequences. Its a way to test our patience and humility, our ability to find good out of every difficult situation. So now I can only say Alhamdulillah, Alhamdulillah. Alhamdulillah!

Sweet melodies from our feathered friends

I got used to the bird sounds at Tropicana but at my new home I get to experience a different group of birds. I have not observed them yet due to my over exhaustion and late hours but am thrilled to hear sweet singing of a varying range of sounds. Very different singing and very refreshing. And I get to see so many cats! I named one Small Lion - mixed pedigree with long fur and a bushy mane and sweeping tail.

Cats are calming?

I love cats - will write about them another day. They are really calming and fun until some tom cat decides he wants to be king and leader of the pack. They fight for territory and for their mates. Not an easy life always. Anyway that is their fitrah so we should not really be upset too much. Just be glad we are not cats.

Really busy trying to record all the new prices for the new collection but my printer is not cooperating....

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