Friday, June 3, 2011

Sharing Meals together is more enjoyable

Tasty Yong Tow Foo at Last!

Alhamdulillah! (All Praise be to Allah) today I had the pleasure of a very nice lunch with 2 dear sisters. They knew I had been missing good quality yong tow foo for some time. Just did not have the time to go look for a halal one. Heard there is one near Ampang Point but they just mentioned maybe it is not halal. Perhaps it is now since its been some time they patronised the place. Anyway, just look out for the halal sign.

We ate at Homeland Yong Tow Foo, a simple halal shop in Wangsa Maju, near the MRR2 flyover. Food was served quickly and the fish tasted like real fish. You know what I mean.

Cost of Living going up, even yong tow foo has shrunken in size

Price is reasonable, around 80 sen a piece but the portion is not too large. I guess 7 pieces for an average eater is maybe not enough because it is very light. We shared a small bowl of rice and resisted the asam fish, ginger chicken and veggies etc. Wanted to have just yong tow foo for a light meal.

Have to do some baking as my customers need chocolate cakes tomorrow. I cannot procrastinate any longer. Had to take a hot mug of coffee just to keep awake.

Take turns to share

Jazakillahu khairan sis Nor Aini who insisted on giving us a treat. Sis Farah has insisted on paying for the next round so my turn will be last. Its nice to give a treat as we will get the chance to feed some people and get some reward of sharing and caring.

If we go Dutch it is less meaningful but it depends. If the meal is costly then we will not be able to invite so many to join us because of our limited budget.

Spanish Buffet

This Sunday we plan to have Spanish buffet. Its Dutch all the way as RM29 net though very reasonable, is a hefty sum for one person to handle.

Many bros and sis are thinking of the delicious fragrant traditional dumplings (chang) lately.

Chang Making Session, anyone?

Maybe we have to organise a chang making session. I do miss my late mom Hanifah Chong as she would patiently make quite a lot for us, perhaps 80 pieces almost yearly. I do not know how to wrap properly so she ended up doing most of the work. She was diligent and was very focused. Once she made up her mind, she would go all out. She would then share some with the chang addicts. Miss you, mom.


  1. Salam Sis. Talking about dumplings, my sister and I love dumplings to bits. But it's pretty hard to find HALAL dumplings and we ended up had the frozen ones. It would be great to have dumpling making sessions one of the days :)

  2. Wa alaikummus Salam sis, Yes, most of us miss the delicious dumplings. My mom made pretty good ones but even we did not get to eat much because we had to share them with other dumpling fans.

    I think we need our friends to monitor and inform us where to get nice halal dumplings. I know some hotels make them but we do not know how halal they are.

    We have to see whether our dumpling making session is seriously on or not.

    Thanks for writing in.

  3. Salam sis.

    Alhamdulillah, I enjoyed the Spanish buffet. Though to be completely honest with you, in reality I seldom go to buffets for the fact that I don't eat much. Therefore the logic here is, it is quite wasteful for me to pay a significant sum only to eat a fraction of the price. Yes, this is the frugal side of me typing out loud. lol~

    If the chang making session materializes, count me in! :)

  4. Www sis

    Yes I like the idea of being frugal sis. Esp since you did not eat much, you should perhaps order ala carte if available so you won't waste good money. Big eaters like us find it a good deal. Anyway, we should not overeat as it will do more harm than good. Moderation always.