Friday, June 17, 2011

A house is not a home, True or False?

Make your own home

Yes, a house is not a home unless we make it "our own" by giving it an identity and love. It does not mean having to buy a house physically. Sounds vague? But you know what I mean.

Just an object

If we just throw in all the furniture and use the house as an object, it will remain an object, devoid of warmth and security. All the padlocks and bolts cannot keep us safe as only Allah SWT can protect us from any harm.

Home Sweet Home

We can make our home secure in the sense that our home can provide emotional security for us, especially after a long and hard day's work, driving home and diving into our favourite chair and finally relaxing every muscle in our bodies. Well, maybe not as dramatic as that ,but it sure feels good to be home. Nowhere can be better than home. Right or wrong?

So I decided to move all my worldly belongings to a new and strange place, and planning to call it home. MMmmmm... Working hard at it as just a few days ago it was an empty space, full of dust and what have you... unmentionables in case your are having your lunch in front of the PC. Smile...I really dislike lizards! We can actually kill them off but I feel sorry for these cold blooded things - they too want to survive.

Moving is no fun

Sent a lorry load of important stuff like cupboards and beds and my pots and pans. Had been to and fro by car daily, carrying fragile items like glassware, porcelain, clothes. The movers forgot some of the shelves so now almost everything is on the floor, and I thought I had it so well planned. Forgot that human beings do not always co operate or listen to instructions though they all want to get paid. Allah is the best planner.

Casa Cafe

Discovered the Casa Cafe was open only last month. What a shame! The lady cooks delicious food and I only knew 2 weeks before I have to leave. Maybe I will be back more often to enjoy food by the poolside. I used to see people walk round and round the condo and the nice walkway next to the stream but I never had the interest to join them. Not too social sometimes as I like peace and quiet.

I never touched the swimming pool and gym throughout my stay here. No privacy and no fun exercising alone. In fact my friend has a gym and I never even exercised there except once.

Lost weight without going to the gym

Anyway, I already lost over 8 lbs in a 6 weeks (not that much , as my weight control program is aimed at turning fat into muscle which can be heavy too). A friend of mine who started a week before me lost much more as she was very serious and determined to be healthy again. She looks much smaller these days. All my new clothes are loose and I am wearing back all my old favourites which I had almost given away.

Losing weight for the right reasons

Lose weight to gain health. Lose for the right reasons. Vanity and the wish to regain lost figures may be a strong 2nd factor. Who does not want to feel lighter and healthier? Who would seriously claim its great to have a thick neck, bulging tummy and flabby arms? No one, I am quite sure.

When I was young I took my slim figure for granted. I ate anything I wished and never had any problems with weight. With childbirth the body may change. Anyway, the ounces and pounds would just creep up upon us. Suddenly we we were 10 pounds heavier! Some people gained 20 pounds in 10 years , its gradual so we may not notice. Others can tell you how hard it is to lose just 2 pounds. Time to eat well and eat correctly. Its a reminder for myself too.

I feel good. Some of my friends tell me
they want to be healthier too

Today I really feel good about this and feel much healthier. Its not a strict regiment and I get to have my usual breakfast (half boiled eggs and toast etc) and just a lighter lunch with less rice or carbohydrates. As much of protein and vegetables and fruits as I like though we have to be reasonable and not use it as an excuse to keep on eating.

Low fat nutri shake is healthy alternative for a change

Only a trimshake at night though I do not follow too strictly as I do eat out a lot. Just be more selective and take the special herbal supplements. Easy and no heavy exercise to burn fat. Just burning it naturally and scientifically. High tech diet that gives results.

Alhamdulillah! I never dreamt changing my eating habits and lifestyle for 3 months could be so pleasant and effective. Naturally we should eat sensibly even after the 3 month cycle is completed. No binging and nasi lemak, oily goreng pisang and keropok lekor and fried koey teow daily.

I forgot the new me!

Really amazed and sometimes I forgot I am much slimmer now. :) Miracles do happen! Hee Hee. I mean I was only 140 lbs before I started this program but in less than 2 months everything is falling into place. Maybe the feeling of achievement and getting the results. SubhanAllah! It used to take me a whole year to reduce 5 lbs and that was only possible during Ramadhan. Only to gain it back slowly ;( .

In fact it could have been worse. It helps when we make sure we complete all our replacement and the special 6 day optional fasting in Shawal itself . Its a way to discipline ourselves so we do not get carried away with all the multiple open house invitations. It certainly defeats the purpose of fasting in Ramadhan when we can just lose control and overeat at every occasion.

Healthy Heart

So now I am really happy as I can wear a smaller size and feel fitter than ever. My health was not too bad though I had a few small joint problems. I know sometimes putting on a few pounds can lead to more if we are careless. Sometimes we cannot resist some favourite foods and often the worst offenders are the most delicious!

Keep trim in order to have a healthy heart, insha' Allah. In the end it is Allah who decides how and when we will go. However we have the responsibility to make the effort so we do not blame anyone for our illness and suffering. At least we tried.

Lose Some, Gain Some

Some people want to lose weight and others want to gain weight. Gaining weight with protein and healthy fats would be better than eating only desserts.

Some oils are better than others.

Olive oil, flaxseed oil, santan (not coconut oil as that does not make us fat) and eating high calories fruits and perhaps grain bread, meat and some protein shake may help us gain weight. Make hummus with virgin olive oil, tahina and lemon. We can cook with olive oil and santan may help too.

Delicious creamy ice cream and cream puffs?Egg tarts and fruit tarts? Tiramisu and carrot cake with cream cheese topping? Wow! Those who want to gain weight sure have a lot of fun following the doctor's orders!

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