Sunday, February 20, 2011

Why the Silence????? It's Deafening!!!

Yeah, been so busy the past 2 weeks that I totally forgot about my blog. Actually I do not remember I have this blog most of the time. I only sometimes remember when I am about to turn in for the night. By then all I want to do is catch up on my sleep.

People tell me they read my blog, some even say they enjoy reading it. But they do not bother to follow - I can accept that, there are just too many blogs and FB to go through.

But it would be great if someone could leave some constructive and positive comments and feedback. Writing by myself and reading it myself is really boring, I do not really need to do that.

I need some interaction. Please remember the words are written by a living human being, sharing her thoughts, in fast flow writing. Sometimes it may not sound too pleasing or cosmetic but its meant to be that way. Bare and Naked thoughts, sharing about somethings that I experienced and some thoughts that may benefit others. There are other more controversial issues, but definitely can't publish that here!!!

I do not have all the answers - who does? But maybe the values I share may make someone out there reflect upon their own direction. Or maybe they have something valuable to share with me. I guess I too had not been making comments in blogs I read.

Are we all keeping quite for the same reason? That we are not ready to comment or critique someone? It can be done in a kind and gentle way. Or spontaneously, which is what I often do, and then wonder if the person would take it personally or be overly sensitive? I guess some have, though that means they will be missing out on sincere sharing. I do not like to beat around the bush- gets nowhere except going round and round...

If our answer or sharing is positive, sincere and of general benefit, maybe we should get over our inhibitions and start interacting! Sharing positively is good and we can make new friends when we contribute sincerely and humbly. So, what say you? And you and you...????

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