Tuesday, February 22, 2011

PDFM Open Day Gathering Menu and quick recipes

Utterly Buttery Butter Cakes

Made 3 utterly buttery buttercakes today. I could not find salted butter and decided to experiment to find out the ratio of salt to flour for the cakes. Alhamdulillah my estimation was good and the cakes were not salty but tasty. I love real buttercakes.

Ratio of salt to add to unsalted butter

tip : 3/4 level tsp of salt to 20 ozs unsalted butter.I used lots of egg in my recipe so its just nice.
Practical and quick method - blend 20 ozs of slightly softened unsalted butter with 3/4 tsp salt and check for taste. It must taste like the usual salted butter. Do not make it too salty or the cake will be salty too. Just a touch of salt to bring out the flavours.

For garlic bread spread : Cut out 2 1/4 oz (1/4 block) of softened unsalted butter
place it in a small container and mix in 1/2 tsp salt. Stir
well. Add some freshly ground black pepper and add a tsp
or more of freshly minced garlic. Stir well and add more
garlic if desire. Keep this covered in a small container.

Easy to prepare garlic bread in a mini toaster - just butter the
number of pieces you wish. No need to heat up the electric oven.
I like this method as it saves energy. French loaf and even
sandwich bread slices are fine.

Sautee sliced mushrooms or cucumber, zuchinni or capsicum slices
using this quick garlic spread..

Breakfast on Open Day

Something light like curry puffs and sweet Malay kueh (steamed cake) for a quick breakfast before the President's address.

Guess I need to make extra cake for Sunday's Open Day at PDFM. Maybe I should bake them early in the morning so the guests can have some really hot cake for breakfast. People don't eat cake for breakfast, do they?

Chinese Food on Open Day

We are serving some Chinese food for lunch - looking forward to that. We could not get the char kwey teow seller to cook for us but found something better, insha Allah.

If I have time maybe I will make some caramel pudding as I like having some too.

Classes and Activities in English

Looking forward to the talk by Uztaz Mazlee - in English as PDFM conducts activities in a language understood by most of the members. We sometimes tell visiting speakers to speak in the language that is most helpful to the listeners. Even a combination is fine so long the message is delivered clearly.

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