Sunday, February 20, 2011

Book Preview at Zu's Home

Mid night Baking Again

Alhamdulillah! I managed to finish baking a chocolate marble butter cake past midnight for the book preview the next day. I am so blessed to have such kind and wonderful friends who helped organise this event for me. Zu, her sister Zawiyah and Yasmin took the trouble to organise and sponsor all the delicious food for brunch. I truly appreciate their thoughtfulness.

How an Idea Grew into a Book

Yasmin shared with the audience about how the idea of the book began. She further emphasised that it is also an ongoing dawah effort to share and motivate our sisters to dress modestly.

Joy of Dressing

I talked about transition and journey of writing the book. I also mentioned the joy of dressing in a way that pleases Allah SWT. We must never forget our identity! We are Muslima, walking Ambassadors of Islam.

This is because people often judge Islam from the behaviour of the Muslims. Just as there are good Muslims and there are also bad ones. People usually overlook contributions of the good ones and remember only the bad or evil behaviour of others who are probably very ignorant. Muslims with true knowledge would never want to disobey Allah SWT deliberately.

'The Beauty of Covering Up' as a Gift with a Message

Most of the ladies who attended the preview were already dressed modestly. Yet they took the trouble to attend the preview to support our dawah effort and to enjoin silatul rahim, sisterhood in Islam. And they gave further support by buying the books for their own collection and some for giving away as gifts with a message.

Brunch was a Tasty Treat!

Brunch was quite impressive! Of course the beautiful surroundings and tranquility of the beautiful home created a very cosy ambience. Sister Rayhana brought a plateful of pastel coloured mini cupcakes - so cute and appetising!

Zu and her sister sponsored the potato lasagne, tuna puffs, Malay kueh, drinks and even the eco friendly disposable plates, forks and spoons! Yasmin cooked fried mihun (rice vermicelli) and brought sausage rolls and cream puffs etc. Wasn't that a real treat? This is Malaysian hospitality.

Clothes and Scarves

Zawiyah was my first customer. She selected a Chinese long dress in brilliant greenish blue woven fabric that was light and cool. A guest bought a matt golden brown long dress with smocked effect and beading. It was a new piece from Dubai.

Quite a number of scarves were sold quickly. I managed to source some of the latest designs just two days before. There are so many wonderful choices these days that the scarf industry is thriving at a great speed. I made sure they are reasonably priced to encourage more people to cover themselves beautifully.


  1. Would be nice if you could put some pictures of the cute pastel coloured mini cupcakes, your beautiful dresses and scarves :). Now can only 'imagining'.. huhu... :(

  2. I will try to ask sis Rayhana to send me a photo of her cute cupcakes. I am still figuring how to take photos of my clothes. Once I have done that I will post them.

    Pls keep up the comments. I need the encouragement. :)