Sunday, February 20, 2011

Do Not Presume We Know All The Answers

Assuming We Know

I'm not talking about some big issue - just about our amazing ability to presume many things casually. More than twice I saw a nice Malay kopitiam close its doors early, around 5 pm. I thought, "Poor thing, can business be that bad? They let the staff close shop though the complex closes at 10 pm?." " Shouldn't they try to sell as much as they can instead of giving up?."

Usually the shop did look kind of empty whenever I passed by it. Maybe it was off peak hours, I didn't notice.

Anyway, we decided to have a late lunch there, around 4pm. The food was really nice and prices reasonable. By 5pm they were beginning to close the doors. I was really surprised as there were at least 7 people eating at that time. I was curious and asked the waiter why were they closing.

"Kami ada katering" came the reply. Oh! That's a pleasant surprise. I was happy to hear that they were actually closing because they had too much business to handle, not the other way round.

Common Sense

It just needs some common sense to promote proper public relations. All they need to do is put out a sign that says they are closed because of catering orders. Or take a part time staff to serve customers. Nobody likes to go all the way to a restaurant only to find it closed - AGAIN!

Simple Solution

Sometimes it only needs a simple action to improve the image of a company. A glass can look half empty or half full. We should present a positive and honest image to the public. That is the Islamic spirit. Insha Allah to conduct business in an honourable way, at a reasonable price with good service and quality.

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