Sunday, January 1, 2012

Adventure of a Disgraced Baker and her Disastrous Chocolate Cake

Bakers are Only Human

Friends and customers always expect their bakers to produce perfect cakes everytime, all year round. They do not know we do have our fair share of disasters, especially on busy days or when we are not really in the mood to bake. One has to be emotionally attuned to the work. It is akin to a work of art, trying to produce something that is pleasing and pleasurable to the people tasting the cakes and cookies. Not easy sometimes.

Moist Chocolate Cake that never was

Had potluck on Saturday and made a chocolate cake that did not behave well. Partly my own fault as I was in a great hurry to finish all my few engagement cake orders and poor chocolate cake had to be made at the last minute! When butter is not softened to the right temperature it may not bind well with the eggs. When the batter is not well incorporated everything may separate while baking in the oven. My poor cake was rather dense at the bottom and also really dry and beyond much help.

Foolishly fulfilling my promise

Anyway, I did promise cake so the cake had to go to the potluck, at least beautifully made up with tasty frosting. Boy, were they in for a surprise! I was really apologetic about it but wanted to practise humility. Yeah, to admit that I too have my share of baking disasters (smile).

Kindness and Good Manners of Muslims with Knowledge

Actually it was really quite sad but people were very kind. They took a slice, tasted it, swallowed and continued to chew it all up quite. No raving about how delicious it should have been. My fallen pride was somewhat reduced when 2 latecomers bounded in, perhaps very hungry.

Disappointment reduced- some people actually did not mind!

I noticed they attacked the dessert first. I waited in apprehension to see their surprised reactions. Oh! They seemed quite oblivious to the fact that they were eating something rather dry and tough. And to my delight, the young man ended having around 3 large pieces! He actually enjoyed it. (You have to, to consume that much). I was very grateful to him for saving my day.

Hurray! the whole cake was finally consumed, much to my relief though I did feel bad to 'torture' my dear brothers and sisters with my act of love.

One Man's Meat is Another Man's Poison

Hah! Now I understand when they say 'one man's meat is another man's poison'. I only thought it applied to people enjoying and consuming haram food ( forbidden in Islam) because what is delicious and good to some of them is actually very in fact very unhealthy and impure to the Muslims.

May Allah SWT guide us all and protect us from consuming impure food that becomes part of our bodies. Amiin.

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