Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Chinese New Year and Superstitions

Missing this blog lately

Missing my blog lately. Its more convenient to write a few lines in FB whereas it takes a little more effort to write in our blog. Weather's been haywire, hot like right now and yet it may just rain cats and dogs in half an hour. Whatever it may be, Alhamdulillah! Just imagine having no rain at all for a whole month! Or raining non stop until the roads are flooded and houses washed away!

Reminder of Allah's Power

Such is the power of Allah SWT. He does not need to show us anything else. Just by sending winds and rain or drought, we can witness a tiny fraction of His immense Power. Lands dry and arid, crops may fail if the balance of rain and sunshine is affected. animals, insects, plants die as a result, upsetting ecological balance.

Just imagine having no clean water or no electricity and worse, no food at all. Things we have been taking for granted.

Its all Over!

Chinese New Year has come and gone. To many of us its just another day, another tradition. A way of remembering our roots, remembering the richness of culture of our forefathers. In a positive way, the warmness of love in the family, caring and paying our yearly respects to our elders.

As Muslims we do not care for the many superstitions and traditions that have negative effects in the society. Like not being able to wear black clothing on so called auspicious days like new years, birthdays, weddings etc.

Silly Shirk Traditions of the Past

I remember a silly though symbolic tradition where we were not allowed to sweep the floor on new year's day - all the luck may be swept out of the home! And I just heard of another equally funny tradition, one I never heard of before - people roll mandarin oranges into the front door to symbolise gold rolling into the home. Silly because in that case everyone will be filthy rich after a few boxes of mandarin oranges hve been rolled in. No wonder I never heard of it. Even superstitious people must have found it questionable.

Do not Believe in Superstitions

There will not be any poor or needy if all the superstitions were true .All the rich will become poor and the poor will become rich if they were to believe or disbelieve and suffer the so called consequences. Does not make any sense. Does it?

All rezeqi (wealth and blessings) comes from Allah SWT. We just continue to make effort to improve our livelihood and leave the rest to Him. If we get more, Alhamdulillah. Muslims do not envy the wealth of others. Each one will have his share decided by Allah.

Wish others well instead of being envious. If we want more, work harder and work smarter. Go for it!

Be Moderate

Its better to lead a moderate life and spend time to enrich our spiritual life. Be balanced and make time to care for our family and the needy. Care for ourselves by seeking beneficial knowledge and sharing that knowledge.

I am amazed at many people who attend all sorts of religious classes yet do not bother to share what they learn with others. Accumulating knowledge and not sharing it is something frowned upon in Islam. We are encouraged to share and help others become aware of their own religion.

Of course when we try to share there may others who cannot accept it. We do not claim to know everything. We are commanded by Allah to share what we know and to help to spread good tidings of Islam. Those with the right intention will benefit.

Everything is a Test for Us

Some soothsayers, fortune tellers and bomohs may tell you something of the future because they may get some help from evil jinns. These jinns do not know everything but they can tell half truths and so help to lead people astray. Some bomohs may be good liars and good obsevers of human character. He may simply tell you want you want to hear.

Muslims have to beware of this and remember we are not to meddle in the matters of the unseen. It is a grave test for us. Anyway none knows the future because only Allah knows best.

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  1. I'm Malay and i will always support other Muslims no matter what race they are :) Nice to find your blog :)