Sunday, January 1, 2012

Do Cats and Dogs go to work?

When will our next meal come along?

The backstreet cats are always alert! Their tiny pointed ears are ever alert to detect the back door opening, or any sound of the shaking of a biscuit box. Ah hah! Someone is coming to feed us. They spring up and run very quickly towards us as we put some food onto the dish in the back yard.

Can Cats and Dogs go to Work?

These innocent cats cannot go to work or find food on their own. When they are hungry they try pouncing on miserable lizards and cockroaches. They often go hungry. When they help themselves to a fish or a tiny piece of chicken its because they are very hungry, in pain perhaps.
Do not get upset if they decide to share your dinner. We are supposed to share our food with them anyway.

Actually I just remembered that people in the circus do make the cats and dogs work. However, just like monkeys, they will only get peanuts while their efforts bring home the bread and butter to their masters and trainers. I actually avoid circuses for this reason.

Kindness in Islam

Islam encourages kindness to all living things and we have to take good care of our environment as well. So feeding the helpless and homeless animals are part of our duties. Even dogs and all anomals if they are hungry though we try to avoid having the whole pack of strays gather in front or our home daily in the hope for food.

In my area there are others who feed them and they gather there most times. They travel in packs (more for their own safety as humans try to harm them sometimes out of fear or ignorance). Its sad to see their condition but we also need to avoid harm to ourselves and our neighbours.

Humans need to Strive for Survival too!

When I look at these cats scurrying and scampering all over the backlane in search of a living, I see humans are not much different after all. We too are busy each day, trying to improve our standards of living, to find ways to earn a little more, to put food on the table, to pay the bills.

We are no different from animals who strive daily for a living. We can make all sorts of plans but nothing can succeed without Allah SWT's permission. Whether we succeed or not, life is a trial.

Man vs Animal

The only difference is we are given the intelligence and faculties to think and reason. Animals are given their fitrah, their natural instinct. They all know who their Lord is. Humans may not. Even if they knew, some still reject out of indifference, apathy, past disillusionment, ego or personal weaknesses.

Never Give Up!

Only weak people give up. They give up searching for the truth and just want to live their short worldly lives in blissful ignorance. Maybe some had searched long and hard, been there, done that and yet still could not find the truth. Many stop short of Islam because they never dreamt that the truth can be so close and yet so very far away. Its their own choice.

We must remove all self ego and preconceived ideas before we can seek sincerely. We have to seek earnestly and most humbly. Are people busy seeking worldly gains and losing out on their spirituality?

Make the Right Choice

We have the choice of religion - we can choose our own way of life. We can choose to believe or not to believe. Once we declare we believe, the choice is final. No turning back and the next step is to strive to submit.

It can be a beautiful journey when we strive to seek beneficial knowledge and are sincere to improve ourselves. Its not always easy, but we can manage if we give each other mutual encouragement and support.

Get a Life- a Real One

We do not mean to let your hair down and go out and do all the things you always wanted to do, without caring for the consequences. It means to really live well as a human being, not be part of the human jungle. Live a dignified and honourable life as kalifah of Allah. A caretaker of this world.

God is One

Let us help people to live a good life. Share the word so they can be revived and help each other on the journey to Jannah (paradise). Many people are not conscious that God is One. Allah is One, the First and the Last, the Everlasting.

Islam is the Middle Way of Life

Non Believers do not realise their search for god will lead them to Allah if they are sincere and want to seek the truth. Many are returning to the straight path but still many more remain in a maze, losing themselves in worldly pursuits.We need a balanced lifestyle. Islam is the middle way.

It is not wrong to seek relaxation and entertainment if it is in the form that is accepted in Islam. Allah SWT does not place that many restrictions on us but we have to be careful not to take too much advantage on His Kindness and Generosity. We must choose only what is halal and tayyib.

Halal and Tayyib

What is halal may not be tayyib. (What is allowed may not be good for us) Everything should be in its proper place for us to lead a happy and productive life. Just imagine sugar, salt, grass, carbonated drinks and fried fish crackers . All these items are halal. Not considered impure or toxic . However if we were to consume any one of the items in excessive quantity, surely our health and even mental faculties will be affected adversely.

Halal to Eat or Smoke Grass

Grass is halal - so is it aright to eat it? Some people even try to smell and inhale some grass and weeds - of the dangerous and addictive kinds. Halal in its natural form unless we understand its dangerous nature.

Be Sincere to Ourselves

Similarly, in seeking entertainment we need to be moderate and be sincere. Do not stretch the limits and say it is alright to do certain things because there are some small examples that it was done in history. We have to look at the occasion, the age, the place where it took place, many small things that make it halal or makruh. There are many schools of thought, do not choose what fits your desires but desire to fit what is best for you.

Not always easy to draw the line

Let us be sincere in whatever we do. Not always easy to draw a line but we have to just keep on striving. And admit our own weaknesses. I try not to judge but I feel sad when I see people do not really know how to love themselves but following vain desires. Sometimes they cannot even see the wood for the trees and they do not want to listen. They know if they really stopped to reflect, they may have to give up many things they love to do. We all have been through this so we know it is their trial. I wish them well.

Take Time to Reflect

As I write and I reflect on my own mistakes and weaknesses. Its good to write as it gives us some space to reflect and be more realistic. Sometimes we try to achieve so much and try to please so many people that we end up depriving ourselves of precious time to reflect to save ourselves. May Allah help us improve and keep us strong.

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