Thursday, December 15, 2011

Something Vietnamese

Actually you can also make it Chinese, just use the normal fresh popia or frozen spring roll skins. For Vietnamese rice paper rolls, buy some dry rice paper wafers at the Asian sundry shop or supermarket. You can even fry some egg skins with some egg, water, pinch of salt.

To prepare :

1. Prepare all the filling ingredients and arrange on the table before you
moisten the Vietnamese rice paper .
2. Lay a lightly moistened small towel on your clean table or perhaps silicon
lining surface (I have not tried that out but it may work)
3. Have a shallow bowl of warm water next to you. Does not have to be hot.
4. Dip one piece of stiff round rice paper into the warm water. Let it soften
slightly and remove it before it gets soft and sticky.
5. After a few tries you will know just when to take it out. Do not let it soften
completely as it will stick together.
6. Lay rice paper flat on towel and quickly arrange the filling neatly. Do not
let it be too much or too wide, you need to tuck in the sides and roll up.
7. You can use the towel to aid in rolling but I just roll it tightly and seal
up the end with a little flour and water paste if you plan to deep fry it.
8. For deep frying do not use ingredients that are too wet.
9. I like fried rolls but its equally nice and healthier to eat them freshly
rolled, dipped in sauce.

Some suggestions for fillings :

blanched or fresh beansprouts
boiled and drained bean vermicilli
blanched or steamed prawns
finely sliced/julienned carrot, chillies,
spring onions, coriander, bamboo shoots
ginger, capsicum etc

Chinese spring roll filling:

finely julienned turnip fried in garlic and
a little soysauce, small shrimps, salt and pepper
topped with finely sliced spring onions, crabmeat
fried shallots, garlic, chilli sauce, bean sprouts

Alternative fusion ingredients

shredded steamed chicken
minced meat fried in shallot and garlic
shredded egg omelette
flaked fresh crabmeat
Steamed spinach and cheese

Can top with fried garlic and shallots

Dipping Sauce

Vietnames fish sauce
with lime, garlic, sugar, chilli bits and dash of fish sauce
Hot chilli sauce
black vinegar garlic sauce
light quality soya sauce with chopped chillies
yoghurt sauce
spicy fruit sauce

Just remember we can no longer use HP sauce and Tabasco as the
religious dept has confirmed it is not halal.

So far LP sauce is still alright insha Allah.

These rolls are very quick to prepare and we can even use leftovers for the fillings. I think I may want to make some savoury minced beef fillings with onions and black pepper. How about a dash of LP Worcestershire sauce or Maggi sauce?

Note: Chinese springrolls can be frozen and deep fried. Be careful not to overfill or make it damp or the skin will tear and burst. Rice paper rolls are very tiny and to my experience does not keep well in the fridge as it will dry out unless sealed in a box. Happy trying.

Hope you will enjoy trying this recipe. I added the extras as I type along. Do you know we will get new ideas and inspirations when we try to share it with others?


  1. Salam Sis Noorshin.

    I couldn't agree more to that sis as I am also guilty as charged. lol~

    I normally use popia skins as a substitute for samosa skins. And like your spring rolls, I too often interchange the fillings, pretty much using whatever is readily available. Cream cheese, mango and crab meat filling is really tantalizing to the taste buds. :)

  2. Mmm the cream cheese, mango and crab meat filling sounds really great. I know the Filipinos sometimes put nangka strips with a little brown sugar in their fried mini spring rolls. Very tasty.