Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Mixed Audience Fashion Show

Why am I involved?

I do this with mixed feelings. Sometimes, in order to go to step 2, we have to start from step 1. Just as the Islamic Fashion Festival has its challenges, it had soldiered on, creating more awareness about what is modesty in Islam. Designers are constantly reminded on the proper Islamic dressing requirements. Some consistently disregard these rules showing either ignorance or disrespect.

It is our intention to have a fully Islamic fashion and lifestyle platform through Amaed. Only members can make it happen.

Amaed is in its infant stage

Teething problems may take years to outgrow. The main thing is we must carry on, making small improvements here and there, every step of the way. Many members join the organisation to improve their business and networking. That is fine. But they need to join the greater mission, to encourage all to embrace the act of worship of covering modestly.

How do men dress in the past?

Not just women but the men should cover too. Sure they need only cover modestly between the navel to the knees. But we have to look at the situation. Men in the past had to do manual labour, carrying timber, stones and grains. They sweat and some could not afford to soil or damage their clothes daily.

Men who lead normal lives do not walk around wearing only pants or loin cloth. That is common sense. Even in the ancient days, they wore long robes and shorts and dressed modestly. Similarly we encourage men of today to dress modestly too.

Men can dress well too

It would be great if men wore long loose shirts and pants. Those with unsightly bulging bellies should cover themselves modestly instead of tucking in their tight shirts into their equally tight trousers. We are not criticising people or commenting about their figures, but encouraging them to dress a bit more smartly and decently. Women do not like to have to see men dressed in tight clothes just as believing men do not like to see women dressed immodestly.

Some people do not care or are they unaware?

As for guys with great figures, tall and athletic, cover up please. Mr Universe and our swimming champs and footballers who wear tiny underwear in public need to dress a bit more decently.

Parents protect your daughters

Actually it is surreal to see Muslim girls wearing revealing leotards and swimsuits during sports competitions. And the parents are so proud of their daughters appearing in the international media wearing skimpy little costumes. So what if they are world champions? Will the malaikat record how many gold medals they won? Or note down in their book of records what they did. Allah knows best. Just caring for our young sisters, that's all.

Respect Divine Rules

We cannot say we believe in Islam and yet not respect the rules. These are rules from our Creator, not man made. Because these are divine laws, Muslims have to submit to them eventually. Sometimes they disobey when they use their own nafs (vain desires) to decide the way they dress and behave.

If we do not want to cover modestly whilst we are alive, we will still be covered from head to toe in our burial shroud. Do we wait to be covered only when our bodies lie cold and lifeless? May Allah SWT have mercy on us.

Pay the Price

People have the freedom and choice to obey or disobey. However they all know they must pay the price some day, one way or another.

Perhaps they think they will one day change their lives, to begin to live with dignity as Muslims, humble slaves of Allah. But they do not want that one day to be today, or tomorrow, or the next. Not yet anyway.

Shirk to change Allah's laws

Actually these people who disobey are not that bad compared to those who change Allah SWT's laws. When Allah says something is haram or forbidden, these people are quick to claim that it is halal or permissible for Muslims. They will say black is white and white is black.

Who are these people? They are the ignorant or worse, arrogant ones. They do not fear or respect Allah. Disobeying Allah is very different from rejecting Allah's laws. Those who reject openly commit shirk.

Some claim to love Allah but they take their dressing too casually. Friends may give a small hint or reminder. If they are the types who do not take kindly to sisterly advice, no one will dare to remind them any more.

Yet these very people too may fast during the month of Ramadhan and even pray the night prayer with thousands of other devout Muslims. They may pay their zakat and do a lot of charity. Sometimes these acts of faith ends with the month of Ramadhan, Some may revert to their former selves and wait for the next Ramadhan to come the following year.

What Kind of Muslim are We?

So we realise there are so many types and levels of Muslims. Which kind of Muslim are we? We know we are not perfect, I know I am far from it and am still struggling to improve my faith/iman and my will power to obey Allah.

We get what we want

I may not fulfill every form of ibadah but I know I want to improve. Allah knows what is in our hearts and He knows our intention. When we do something that is not for the sake of Allah we may succeed but there may be no blessing in that action.

We get what we asked for, if its dunya we want, that's what we will get. What if we do not get anything for our akhirah? There may even be curses directed at us.

How Nice if its All Women Event Only

Coming back to the fashion show, how I wish it would be a fully Muslimah event. All males will be barred from the dressing room, makeup room and the stage. The helpers, dressers, choreographer, waiters, technicians and managers including security will be female only.

Even the audience should be female. When it becomes a show by women specially for women, much of the fitnah is removed. And no men looking at our models on the catwalk, which I feel increasingly uncomfortable. No men to watch other women who are sharing their tables and no women will have to serve male patrons in the hotel or hall.

A Fashion Show is not just about fashion, glamour and sales

It may not happen overnight but every sincere Muslim would not object to all women events for fashion shows. It is not just merely showing the beauty of Islam through decent Muslim attire. Amaed is the right platform to educate the public and members likewise. Some members know but continue to design tight little dresses as they may sell faster. Some may feel it is not that serious so we can only hope knowledge can help them be strong.

Change Perception

It is also very much about encouraging Muslims to change their perception. Muslims must be aware of their great responsibility to show Islam in a good light. Each and every Muslim has the sacred duty to share the ''beauty and duty " to cover up.

Be Proactive

Let us be proactive. We have a great Amaed Team and they have put in so much time, money and effort to put things together. We hope one day in the near future Amaed will represent true Muslim attire and convey the beauty of covering up modestly on a higher level.

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