Thursday, November 10, 2011


Cat with no legs?

Sounds weird, doesn't it? Not so if you are a Malaysian. Lately this cat had been in the news and causing quite a stir! I cried when I read the story of how a man found a badly maimed cat by the road. I forgot the details ...

Leg forcibly cut off!! Raw Pain!

Anyway he described his shock when he found a cat bleeding on the ground. Its 2 front legs were cut off! Its really unthinkable that a fellow human being would commit such an extremely cruel act. Certainly no living creature deserves to be treated in such a painful inhumane way.

Anger can make us lose our reasoning

The person who did it was obviously very angry, maybe it was his way of punishing the cat for perhaps stealing his fish. He was perhaps so blinded with rage that all he felt was he needed to teach it a very nasty lesson. Muslims are reminded not to become angry as it is an attribute of shaitan (the devil).

Even a pin prick causes pain

If we nicked our little finger we would be feeling the pain. What more if someone were to cut off its leg at the joint, one leg and then the other. If I were there I could have been moved to jump on him, knife or no knife.

I saw cat on tv

During Eid I watched tv (very rare thing to do, perhaps a few times in a year) in a friend's home. I saw the cat on tv, fully recovered (without the legs of course) but it is a very resilient little thing, moving on its hind legs and trying to do the things other normal cats do. She was named "Hero", signifying how much they admired her courage and determination to survive.

A loving friend and companion

Hero licked the face of her beloved master and rescuer. Her affection was pure and true. It was very touching as he recalled what he had done, without even thinking of the consequences. He wrapped the bleeding creature in his jacket and wanted to rush to a vet. Suddenly he realised he would not have been able to afford to pay the vet. The next best thing to do was to apply emergency treatment on it. He applied lots of minyak gamat (sea cucumber ointment) again and again until the injuries healed.

Wonders of Minyak Gamat

Minyak gamat is known to aid in healing and a wonderful natural cure from Allah's bounties, from under the sea. It is relatively cheap and yet potent and easy to apply. Pharmacies charge people a lot of money for things that Allah has made available to us, if only we make effort to discover the secrets of what is on land and under the oceans. The Chinese buy dried sea cucumber from the medicine shops and boil them slowly for a few hours. usually with chicken, red dates, herbs and roots . It makes a truly delicious soup that rejuvenates and revives any tiredness.

A survivor and a shining example

Hero had to learn how to move and take care of herself painfully. This is a lesson to us all too. If an animal can survive such a trauma and learn how to rehabilitate itself, we humans should emulate this brave spunky little cat. We often have people to help us, encourage us and also some special equipment to help us support ourselves. Yet we sink into dark moods and become angry with the world. These are all tests from Allah to see who is best in patience and behaviour. What can a little cat do without her front legs? Yet she did not give up and wilt away.

Allah Most Merciful

Allah is Most Merciful! This brother who passed by at the fateful moment did not hesitate to help one of Allah's creations. He accepted the responsibility and did his best. His family too supported him and grew to love this cat. His tears flowed as he recollected what had happened.

Sometimes animals behave better than humans

Today Hero is secure, peaceful and loved by all in the family. It has even found fame and respect. Yes, sometimes it is easier to respect an animal than to respect a human being. Al Quran tells us that human beings are capable of being the best of creation and yet equally capable of sinking to the lowest of the low. It is up to us to decide who we want to be.

Strive to be the best person

It is not about riches, about popularity, about fame. We can always strive to be the best person we are capable of, within our own limited abilities. It may not be a comfortable or secure life. There is no such thing as real security in life anyway. Even nations can collapse overnight so we should not feel too secure in our man made castles.

Follow the true and straight path

Be true to ourselves and follow the path that Allah SWT has planned for us. Ihdinas siratal mustaqim... are we going in the right direction? Are we sure we are in the right direction? Do not just follow our friends or depend on people we admire; we need to know our own direction.

May Allah guide us and forgive our sins. Let us strive for a better future, dunia and ahirah, this worldly life and the Hereafter.

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