Sunday, July 10, 2011

Wow! So many cake requests!!!

A sudden high demand for cakes lately

Sounds wonderful, doesn't it? Only sad part is I no longer have the time or inclination to continue my full time baking anymore. It really takes a lot of patience, time and energy to produce a really good cake. It only looks fun and easy on tv as they have to keep the viewers entertained all the time. These days I only bake when I am in the right mood and have all the ingredients ready.

Tour of famous bakery

One day we were invited to visit a famous baking institution and bakery. I spotted a tray of crooked and burnt heap of vanilla and chocolate sponge layer cakes, sadly waiting to be decorated.

Cakes too need some cosmetic improvements

Once they trimmed and frosted the cakes they miraculously turned in delicious looking black forests and blueberry cakes. See! Even some cakes need a complete professional makeover before they can look edible. Kitchen Secrets.

Kind and supportive friends and customers

That means only very, very understanding and kind friends and customers will bother to call me anymore. I saw quite a number of disappointed faces and also felt equally bad to decline phone requests. Who doesn't like to have lots of baking orders? Not right now anyway.

Last week someone requested 100 cupcakes. I had to say no as I was still rearranging all my furniture. Kitchen not ready. Even if it was ready I still would have to say no as I was too stressed with putting the house in order. I want a home, not a house!

Do not take advantage of customers

Once a customer requested for 1000 cupcakes for her son's wedding. I said no without hesitation as I did not want to take advantage of her offer. I do not like adding preservatives into my cakes. Just imagine! How many days would that take to bake and pack 1000 pieces of cake! People - you are all eating very stale and preserved cakes at some functions. And the poor customer has to pay a lot for each homebaked item.

Homebaked Goods are Costly but Good

Yes, home baked items do not come cheap. Not because we overcharge but because we are not full time bakers and do not purchase ingredients in bulk. And whatever remained may spoil if not used regularly. Of course we do charge a reasonably high sum for the 'hard labour' and trouble and most of all, the stress and responsibility.

Sugar free and safe?

I do still bake but these days its more for pleasure. I look forward to experimenting more recipes and perhaps coming out with some healthy sugarless cakes and cookies. I do not think it is safe to use commercial artificial sweeteners as some have been reported to be detrimental to our health, with some serious side effects in some cases.

Reduce consumption of preservatives and additives in food

People should buy quality bread for their families. Learn how to bake one or two variety of breads so the children do not have to consume preservatives daily. Everything adds up. Cakes and sweets are treats and not daily fare. Try to use organic wholemeal flour or at least go for cappatis and pasta, hopefully lesser of the evils.


  1. Salam Sis!

    Looking forward to our bake/cooking class together! [when is that again?] lol~ :)

  2. OK OK we shall make tortilla and salad. Others can give suggestions. Tomato salsa and chicken fajita ( I believe its just tender fillets of chicken fried in cumin and onions, garlic). Can also make some yogurt salad. Mmmmm...