Monday, July 18, 2011

Making the best of the situation

An important meeting was postponed today

I find postponements often throws a wrench into the works! Sometimes it is unavoidable so its better to make the best of the situation. That also saves frazzled nerves and annoyance. What is fated to happen will happen so why fret about it?

What I did instead

I decided not to go out or make any new appointments. 'Wisely' or rather lazily decided to make the most of my day at home, a rare moment indeed. Nearly everyday there are some chores or meetings or other work to be done. It is more like a treat, to be able to check my email and to catch up with some writing and sharing. And no driving and no traffic jams. :)

Work can be fun too

A business client dropped by and that was an interesting meeting. Everyone in the garment business loves beautiful clothes and like to exchange ideas. It was fun discussing new trends and ideas.

Quick cooking

I even managed to cook mushroom soup and stir fried some extra mushroom in some olive oil and butter and garlic. I so kindly gave some soup to my friend and then realised I forgot to add the milk! No wonder it tasted a little unusual! I thought it was because I did not use any meat or stock cubes. Anyhow it was kind of simple and nice - organic mushroom vegetarian soup with a bit of tomato cherry and onion for flavour.

Recycled dinner - feels good not to waste

Dinner was mushroom soup again, this time improved with milk - definitely tasted better! Made toasted garlic bread from the left over French loaf from the freezer. I did not know it would be still nice - used to throw away all the uneaten French loaves. What a waste!

Shared some fried chicken, hot from the mini toaster. There was so much food that we had to freeze the burger buns which I thought we might eat with the Gouda cheese and salad. Been using the same salad recipe since yesterday as all I had left was the same vegetables. Added garlic bits for a bit of a bite.

Actually we rather enjoyed the dinner too as it was homemade, no preservatives or additives and we could eat to our heart's content! To top it I suddenly had the urge for a cup of hot chocolate and some dark hazelnut chocolate. Yumm!!!

Lepakking (Hanging around doing nothing much)

Well, this is what we would eat on a lazy quiet day so we could get back to what we enjoyed most - tidying the house a bit, reading, writing and surfing the net for new information etc etc. Lepakking in the house can be both fun and indulging.

Still rearranging my house bit by bit. Finally hung up my new curtains - the morning sun is so bright that its just too warm and glaring. I found my original light brocade curtains too see through to shield the bright sunlight.The curtains for the reading room will have to wait. Too lazy to climb up to change the curtains.

Multipurpose tea cum reading room

Actually my little reading room is also my mini library and my tea room. Also a place to display a few of my Chinese long dresses in case some sisters want to purchase something special. Alhamdulillah for such a relaxing and peaceful day.

Working on some new Muslima designs

Tonight I planned to bake some cakes but I think I will work on some new designs for my Bahasa Malaysia version of 'The Beauty of Covering Up'.

My production manager just asked if I would be coming out with a new range of designs. I immediately decided yes as that would update the book and give readers some new ideas for covering up modestly with style and grace. Why not, indeed!

Of course that would mean a lot of drawing and designing, redrawing until I like what I see. A lot of work but really interesting and enjoyable. Its not hard work but work nevertheless.

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