Wednesday, July 20, 2011

So nice to be able to listen to the adhan

I love to hear the call of the adhan as it is a 'timely' reminder 5 times a day. I usually wake up a little before the adhan. Its better that way so I do not have to jump up from bed and rush to do my ablutions or wudhu. And I do not like to be wakened by the very loud and shocking volume.

Right now I can hear the verses of Al Quran being recited. SubhanAllah! Such a privilege and comfort to listen to Quran. This new residence is in a way much better than the old one at Tropicana as I had to strain my ears to listen for adhan at the approximate times.

Just now they were making dhikr and it sounded so lovely and peaceful. Ooh! The adhan just sounded loudly - my heart nearly missed a beat. What a shock! There seemed to be several people calling the adhan over here. Right now it sounds rather melodious. Sometimes ear and nerve wrecking - wonder why.

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