Sunday, July 17, 2011

Preparing for Ramadhan

Ramadhan around the corner, once more

Alhamdulillah! These days there are numerous ways to get good information relating to how to prepare for Ramadhan. It comes only once a year and the best chance for us to make up for all our mistakes, excesses, failure, sins and weaknesses. It is also the best time to double and triple our efforts to race with one another to get rewards from Allah SWT.

New leaf

Allah is sure Generous and Merciful. Take this opportunity to turn over a new leaf. Not that most of us were deliberately bad since the last Ramadhan, If we reflect honestly, can we sincerely give ourselves top marks for performance of our ibadah?

Do we spoil our own good record?

Made any silly mistakes lately? Uttered some unnecessary words? Made some unkind or angry comments? Some of us could have committed one or two or even all of the above. I'm talking from experience, trying hard to improve but not quite there yet.....

Only human, forgetful and careless sometimes

We are only human and we do fail sometimes. Get up and try again. Walk tall and if we stumble, its only a hiccup in our journey of life. Allah is forgiving towards those who are kind and forgiving to others. People who hate and are too proud to forgive do not realise they in turn may not get Allah's forgiveness .

Pride and Arrogance

Is it our pride or our bad attitude that prevent us from obeying and respecting Allah's commands? Sometimes it is ignorance of our own spiritual responsibilities. Most of us knew nothing until Allah guided us.

Please forgive me!

I also take this opportunity to humbly ask my friends to forgive all my mistakes and sins, done knowingly and unknowingly. We are all tested daily and sometimes we fail miserably. Sometimes without even realising it.

May Allah guide us and forgive us. May He accept our ibadah and niyyah.


  1. Assalaamu'alaykum sis,

    Ameen to the du'a...

    As long as we are still alive, we have to repent and seek forgiveness all the time...
    Because when death comes, it will be too late.

    May Allaah make us those who remember Him at all times, and may He be pleased with us, ameen!

  2. Ameen! We hope and pray to be given the chance to fulfil Ramadhan. Looking forward to it. Every year I try to manage my time a little better. Insha'Allah we will have good health and determination to do even better.