Monday, February 6, 2012

Do Men have to Dress Decently too?

What Image do we want to project?

Look pleasant and dignified. Look elegant and look smart. Enjoy what we wear and be confident that it reflects the right image of a Muslim. Its much better than to wear some unsuitable outfit that seems to be calling everyone to look at the wearer in a negative manner. This applies to our brothers as well.

Men take care of your own families first

Some men like to comment on how women dress. Please let the womenfolk handle that. Brothers better look at their own families and advise their children . They can advise their brothers who dress indecently in shorts. Look at those who go to work in tight shirts tucked into tight trousers. Not a very decent sight , especially for the overweight. Men and women need to dress modestly. That would be beautiful. Why not give lectures and write more pamphlets about how men should behave and dress?

Men need to be modest too

There are many men still wearing shorts that are similar to underwear and they run around playing football or badminton. Look at our body builders and swimmers. They do not cover their aurah but looks like its alright for men to go around half naked. If we love our brothers, then please advise and help them obey Allah SWT. Is that acceptable as Muslims?

It is not about finding fault or blaming others. It is about helping each other to behave in a way that pleases Allah SWT. Isn't pleasing Allah a good thing?

It benefits everyone, so be happy to be reminded or corrected. Just take care not to do it harshly or humiliate someone. That is not the Muslim intention. Our Prophet Muhammad saw was best in speech so let us follow his sunnah. Do it with the right intention, always wanting to please Allah SWT. Alhamdulillah.

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