Saturday, February 25, 2012

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Chilled Liquid Symphony of Fruits

Yes, I had been slicing fresh succulent fruits and freezing them for blending. I am too busy to attempt making some sherbet, trying to make some without egg white or sugar.

The next best delicious alternative is to blend tasty coloured fruits for a very cold fruit symphony.

Today I served blended partially thawed red dragonfruit, little dates, banana and some mango. Just add a few small ice cubes and whizz it up for an instant tasty delight. I sweeten my fruits with presoaked dates, figs or just honey. Molasses sugar is a good alternative.

Sometimes I would only blend mango and some dates. The red dragon fruit makes it rich and attractive. I even threw in an apple the other day, just to use up all the left over fruits. No more wastage from now on. Alhamdulillah. Used to feel guilty for throwing away over ripe fruits because I could not find time to eat them.

Serve it in a tall glass, or ice cream cup with some extra slivers of fruits.

We have it before our meal as a delicious starter. Do not leave it for too long as the enzymes will be destroyed. Other good fruits are kiwi, papaya, stawberries, blue berries, passion fruit and pineapple. So many possibilities. Just do what you like and what is available.

Buy ripe fruits in season, peel, cut and freeze them. Thaw partly to blend as you may overtax your blender. I used a commercial power blender and it whizzes up everything in seconds.

If you serve it in a shallow dish, serve it in different colours, be carefully not to mix them up. It will look like a symphony of different liquid gems rich and inviting - and good enough to eat.

Good as a sauce over vanilla ice cream too. Or maybe use as a base for milk shake or drizzle over a light sponge slice or dilute it as a fruit cordial.

Try it, its healthy and yummy.

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