Monday, April 26, 2010

Expressing Appreciation more often

Quiet Time After Midnight

Its past midnight now. The neighborhood is really quiet tonight. No sound of dogs barking or the stray cats fighting and snarling. So tranquil that I really treasure this quiet time.

Most of us are so busy, attending the needs of our families and doing work that brings home the bread and butter. Daily cooking is a real responsibility and sometimes no longer fun but a chore.

Tired but Happy?

However, when we see the delighted faces as they enjoy the food, the tiredness melt away and we feel satisfied that it was well worth the effort! Don't you feel like that sometimes? Tired but happy?


Of course it really helps when the 'beneficiaries', young and old remember to show appreciation more often. A smile and 'thank you' will do nicely.

Babies and little kids are spontaneous and show their joy and delight any time of the day. Why do some people become so different when they grow up?


Say 'thank you' more often. People will not be tired of listening to your compliments that come from your heart!

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