Friday, April 30, 2010

Reluctant Baker?

Last Minute Baking

Been rather busy baking buttercakes the past few days. They are not that difficult to do but we need to focus to ensure delicious cakes.

Stressed Up!

What a relief when the cakes were collected! Its sometimes rather stressful and I like to take a break before the next big order.

I do feel like a reluctant baker. Its really enjoyable to bake only for fun and for friends. But its a responsibility to bake for others.

Well, I cannot be telling my friends and customers that. Some of them know I'm busy and feel bad about troubling me. They somehow think they are doing me a favour by buying their cakes at the nearest bakery instead of calling me! It really makes me want to cry!!!

Heavy Load

All baking ingredients are heavy - imagine having to carry all the heavy items like butter, sugar, flour, nuts, milk and eggs back to the car that's parked way down the road! In hot weather, its like gym and sauna at the same time!

Bonus of Being Baker

Some customers are so very appreciative. I have received RM10, 20 and 30 tips often through the years. They graciously say "keep the change". Not only that, I am frequently invited to join many of their family gatherings and functions.

Wonderful Blessing

Many of my regular customers have become good friends and they are an indispensable part of my life. I thank Allah SWT for this wonderful blessing. My dear beloved sisters, you know you are! :) :) :)

Watch What You Eat

It is good to use butter, molasses and healthier eggs, unbleached or wholemeal flour and organic baking powder and yeast. Cakes should only be occasional treats and these days people often request more wholesome versions.


Be adventurous. Try healthier versions of your favourite desserts. That way you can enjoy more with less guilt!

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