Saturday, April 7, 2012

Human relationship with animals and compassion

Writing at midnight

I feel like writing when my mind is free. But at that stage I am ready to fall asleep any moment. Right now I'm squinting my eyes as I try to write very quickly, trying to beat the submission of sleep ordained by Allah SWT.

We all have to submit to Allah

No matter how strong or powerful a person is, he has to submit to Allah's rule throughout his life. He may not realise it. Man falls sick, he becomes tired, sleep overcomes him. It is a sign of involuntary submission but sometimes his arrogance does not allow him to realise it.

How small we are and yet how great we feel sometimes. All of us are guilty of this kind o f feeling once a while, more often than we want to admit.

Losing a loved one

It may be our family, a friend and even a much beloved pet. We may grieve in different ways but we hurt. And there is a deep sense of regret sometimes, wishing we did more. Or had more knowledge how to deal with emotional and physical stress.

Taqdir Allah

It is taqdir Allah and yet it was hard to lose someone or something we love and appreciate Everything belongs to Allah and He is the Owner of all living and inanimate.

Loving Unconditionally

I have lost many pets through the years. They may not have the same status of human beings but many pet lovers would agree that they understand us and love us unconditionally. Actually they sometimes treat us better than some human beings who only know how to take and talk.

Animals are sensitive and know and see things we do not and cannot. They have feelings just like us. They grieve too and can exhibit happiness, excitement, fear, suspicion , even anxiety and irritation. We can learn so much from them. :)

Lessons in Life

Perhaps it is through these creatures that Allah teach us how to live our lives. How to cope with responsibilities, with disappointment, with commitments and caring for the needy. The loss of pets and animals teach us how to face death and loss of loved ones. There is a cut and a scar whenever a beloved pet dies and my heart cried for this new friend, full of innocence.

Are we grateful?

Do we appreciate the time given to us by Allah? Do we appreciate our friends and families while they are here with us? Do we take them for granted and feel grief and regret only when they finally leave us? Do not expect them to be around all the time. we do not know when the Angel of Death will give us a final visit. Do we desire to make peace with our friends and our family?

People who forget others have feelings too

I know of people who have nothing good to say about their friends and siblings. They say everyone treats them badly and do not appreciate what was given or done for them. Perhaps they have to think why everyone dislike them. Do not think about what good we did to them Did we do them any harm or did we hurt them in the past? Will they ever forgive us or would they curse us further at our grave?

Make Peace

Make peace with people. Do our part if they continue to be upset for whatever reason, at least we have tried to resolve the matter sincerely. To please Allah and to be humble as a Muslim.

I will talk about the rabbit next. I have to rest now or else I will be too tired to make chicken porridge tomorrow. A morning class to attend and a committee meeting in the afternoon. Hopefully time to do infra red sauna in the evening. A good way to relax and detox at the same time.

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