Sunday, October 2, 2011

TV 9 Safiyah interview of 'the Beauty of Covering Up'

TV 9 Interview

The past few days I had been receiving reminders and questions about my expected appearance on TV3 today, 2nd October. Even just before the airing I kept getting reminders and calls. I appreciate the caring and support of my dear sisters and FB friends. I also made some new friends through these interviews. Alhamdulillah.

Surreal Feeling

It felt very unreal - most of the interviews I had were always direct telecast. I did not really have the chance to watch how I conducted the interviews. My command of Bahasa Malaysia was only average and I was concerned I would not be able to express my thoughts adequately After all making dawah in just a few minutes is not always easy.

Today was no different because though I had enough notice, I was at a meeting to discuss ibadah and dawah fisabilillaah. I had to decide between watching the program comfortably at home or to sacrifice that moment. Of course I hope to be able to obtain a copy of the airing. Just for records purposes as the pretty young lady had sportingly modelled some of my Oriental cheongsam jubahs for me.

Islam is for everyone

I wanted to remind people that they do not have to dress like a Malay or any particular nationality to practise Islam. So long we dress modestly following the requirements found in Al Quran and the hadiths, it is good enough. So Chinese reverts can continue wearing Oriental cheongsams and samfoos so long they are adapted to Islamic requirements. So Simple!

I was a little curious but not too keen to see my self on tv. There is nothing much to see , keeping a low and modest profile and learning to age gracefully. Given up makeup many years ago. It was not an easy decision as some of us love to look well groomed and beautiful, even if no one is watching. Just for own pleasure and satisfaction. For our own self esteem.

Those were the days :)

There had been a time when I enjoyed dressing up a bit more glamorously. I loved beautiful clothes and had my own boutique but I had chosen to leave those days behind.

Not because I am getting on in years - actually when people grow older, only their physical selves show visible signs of aging. Every elderly woman would feel just as young at heart as the young lady sitting next to us. But we do need to look in the mirror to see the gradual change in us.

Gentle Reminder to Get Real

A gentle reminder that its time to move on to more important things, like preparing for our final journey.... to make sure we end up in the best destination, insha Allah.

We too were young once

We used to be that young lady sitting next to us. We can still remember all the things we did when we were younger. But Allah's laws cannot be reversed -- time passes and people age, only their hearts remain young. Perhaps that is really a good thing. To have maturity and wisdom of experience and yet the attitute of perpetual youth, still with a zest for life. Alhamdulillah! Allah knows best.

One day all too will lose their physical beauty

The physical body has to age. Weakness and ill health that may follow is to prepare us to accept the inevitable - our promised return to our Creator. Just imagine if we do not age physically, we will just go on living and enjoying like there is no tomorrow. We will not be preparing ourselves for our final journey until the Angel of Death stands in front of us.

Allah knows Best

So everything that may seem bad or negative can also be seen as something that is positive. After all, Allah always does what is best for us, though often we beg to differ. He knows what we do not know yet we sometimes oppose His guidance and reject even what is stated in Al Quran.

May Allah guide us and forgive our daily sins and mistakes. Ameen

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