Thursday, September 8, 2011

Nice to be back!

Great to be back - been too distracted to blog

As Salam everyone! Phew! the days just flew by, so many activities, commitments, work and more work, trying to make it the best Ramadhan ever! Yes! We all do try and while we succeeded in some aspects, we still could not make our Ramadhan as good as we hoped.

Its the effort and intention that counts

Its the effort and niyyah that counts, I hope. Sometimes we were just too tired, trying to please so many people - just as they were trying to please others too. All for the sake of Allah, so no effort or kind thought was wasted insha Allah.

Alhamdulilllah! We completed Ramadhan

Alhamdulillah we were given the chance to complete our fasting and ibadah for the whole of Ramadhan. We do not know when our name would be called and its a great loss to miss out on the many blessings and rewards of Ramadhan. Anyway Allah knows best and He rewards whom He pleases.

Missing loved ones very much

This Ramadhan I especially missed my parents who have passed on, insha Allah relieved of their worldly pains and burdens. I miss my dear beloved sisters and friends who are no longer here with us. Their participation in our iftars, sharing their delicious home made food, their advice and worshiping Allah together, praying for peace, good health and forgiveness.

Kindness never forgotten

Though all our beloved family members and friends can never ever be with us again, their goodness and kindness. Their love and caring, their infectious joy and laughter can never be forgotten. What we experienced with them was also a blessing and gift from Allah, loaned to us for a borrowed time.

Give thanks all the time

Alhamdulillah, its good to give thanks and be grateful for the special moments shared than lamenting our loss. Soon we too will leave our beloved family and friends. Even when we are not ready. No one is ever quite ready to leave this worldly life.

Where will we go when we have to go?

Where will we be going? What kind of journey will we undergo? How to prepare ourselves so we can face our imminent journey with patience and great hope? Lets be strong and support each other though words of encouragement, support and love.

Forgive each other when we make some mistakes or were weak. Do not keep your anger as its harmful for all parties. Do not keep finding fault in others as that may lead to contempt and contempt may eventually lead to arrogance.

Let us depend on Allah's Mercy as all the good deeds of this world cannot guarantee our place in Jannah.

Humbly asking for your forgiveness

People should not feel shy or akward to ask for forgivness all the time. Sometimes we ask for forgivness not because we are guilty of any wrong doing but because we are afraid we have sinned without realising it or have been careless and weak. And sometimes because we had sinned knowingly and I not blame shaitan for that. It just feels good to ask to be forgiven sincerely as it will insha Allah improve the friendship and love between each other.

Forgive me my dear brothers and sisters for any mistakes or wrongdoings. Being human makes me weak and susceptible to making mistakes and sins all the time. I do need to clean my slate as much as possible.

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